Why Join Us
  • Sapphire Health Solutions is a product development , engineering and product consulting services company, serving mid-size to large corporations. Sapphire, a dynamic IT services company, is your perfect stop if you are ready to go the extra mile and work with a dream to be the best. If you are amongst the driven and always seeking challenges kind of a software professional, we have the right atmosphere for you.

    Sapphire Health Solutions provides ideal software development & engineering and product consulting career opportunities in India.

    We are constantly seeking motivated, bright individuals who would like to work at leading-edge technologies, services, and projects. Therein lays our strength.

    So whether you are looking for a challenging software development or consulting career in India, Sapphire offers the best software development and consulting career opportunities.

  • Sapphire Health Solutions offers software development and product consulting careers for:
    • Those who are excited about working in core software product development or product implementation
    • Those who readily design software product development or consulting solutions
    • Those software engineers who desire to broaden their personal domain expertise
    • Those who are willing to get trained with the best of the best
    • Track employee time, including arrival and departure time, lunch, breaks, overtime, holidays and absences
    • And finally, for those software engineers and consultants who will work endlessly to deliver the best software product development and implementation solutions
    • Sapphire provides you with long-term software development and consulting careers, uncompromising quality, product solutions and more.

    Our team thinks out of the box and values innovation in prospective candidates

Employee Speak

It's my pleasure to be part of Sapphire Health Solutions. Sapphire is a platform where you can play your role in a healthy environment. My team here has supported me lot and as a result I always fulfill the client expectations and much more. Sapphire management are excellent, supportive and flexible. Sapphire allows people to take the challenges with complete ownership and help to achieve the goal. I wish Sapphire achieve all the success and become a great Software organization.

Kundan Patel,
Project Leader,

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