Clinical Visits
  • This module helps to keep track of day to day employee and their dependent illness.

    Manages a past history, current clinic visits detail including, visit reason, compliant, diagnosis, prescription, requested clinical tests, test results, visit location, practitioner and date. Record the patient's vital signs and trend vital signs with Medical Chart/Data Analysis. Generate prescription reports to print or update directly to the pharmacy for dispense. If necessary, refer the patient to outside hospital.

    Link to Incident management modules in case of injury clinical visits based on visit type; this allows for efficient sharing of data with safety. For injury keeps note on nature of the injury, causing factors, treating facility, and physician. If necessary, refer the injured to outside hospital.

    Manage referrals by tracking details like where/to whom the employee was referred (outside provider, hospital, etc.) and the referral type. Print / email a referral form with all of the details regarding the appointment

    Generate standard reports with various filters including cause, diagnoses, clinic visit status, department, location, employee type and other demographic /geographic dimensions.

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