Occupational Health System
  • Occupational Health Challenges

    Occupational health professionals have to record employee health data, maintain their mandatory screening, manage workplace injuries/ illnesses, clinic visits, referrals and wellness programs.

    Challenges faced by Occupational health professional are

    • Define and setup medical examinations based on job/location/hazards and assign and communicate schedule to employees.
    • Analyze and Generate report from collected data.
    • Reports are in multiple formats and perspectives by Division, Business Unit, Geographical Region, Risk Area, and Business Function.
    • Provide various reports to employee, supervisor, safety and HR.
    • Create and track compliance corresponding to the requirement.
  • OccuCare - Occupational Health and Safety Software

    OccuCare's integrated Occupational Health Management software offers the most intuitive and comprehensive functionality on the market. OccuCare's range of modules covers the full spectrum of Health & Safety.

  • Occupational Health Software Suite, helping you to :

    • Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites
    • Ensure consistency of electronic medical data, support accuracy
    • Measure and trend employee health with robust reporting capabilities
    • Provides complete Real-time visibility of activity and compliance across organization, and delivers valuable information, helps save time and money.
    • Improve efficiency with value added features so occupational professional spare more time for employee care
    • Share best practices across organization
  • Key Features Include :
    • Comprehensive functionality and user friendly approach in design
    • Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites
    • Compliance Reporting
    • Support setup for in-house / external clinical services providers
    • Monitor employee health, Track and manage injuries and exposures
    • Easy-to-use data entry and search tools
    • Flexible configurations to fit unique business requirements
    • Efficient information sharing throughout an organization
    • Secure, reliable web-based software to reduce costs and reliance on IT
    • Integrated diagnostic, pharmacy and store module
    • Accurate and complete medical records of each employee commencing from recruitment to retirement.
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